High scaling and easily integrated video services

DrVideo has for over a decade delivered video solutions and services for leading Scandinavian media corporations, and provides everything from complete solutions on high scaling infrastructure, to single components in a complex new media video service. DrVideo offers wide format encoding, fast distribution to own or customer CDN and modern and easy to use APIs.

We offer custom tailored solutions and services based on our modular design, giving you the freedom to choose which parts of DrVideo you want to use, and how to integrate them with your existing services.

Services for content administration, encoding, distribution, storage and streaming are available, as is CMS services with dynamic metadata, high performance APIs and intuitive graphical interfaces. Our rich JavaScript API provides simple and consistent playback control across different devices and platforms, and the event callbacks you need to create a modern video service.

DrVideo is the leading video-solution for Scandinavian media corporations, and provides you with a highly scalable video infrastructure that deals with virtually any publishing demand. DrVideo encodes your videos to any required format, and publishes it as HTML5 or Flash.